Your partner is the one <3

Love is the most exotic feeling. Love has the power to make a normal person the most exceptional human on earth for you. Your loved ones become so special to you that you forget everything else around you. You consider your partner as the most essential person and at times you give them priority above all other relations. At times you believe them to be even more essential than your own self.

How we will know that the person whom we are giving priority over everything in the world is the right person? If your life partner is treating you the way you truly deserve to be treated, then that person is the right one for you. Here are some of the signs that show if your partner treats you the way you truly deserve.

1. You Are Portion Of Their Every Region

Your life partner always wants to do anything or everything as long you are part of the plan. Being with you is all they want. They include you in all their plans, whether it’s a pool party, a gathering, a picnic etc.

2. They Love To Surprise You 

Ideal partners would always try to keep the excitement alive in their relationship. They will do all little things just to see that surprised look on your face. They just love to surprise you with their loving gestures.

3. They Nourish Your Body, Heart, Mind, And Soul

Partners at times cook for each other to show their love and support. They can buy groceries and help you in the kitchen. But an ideal partner will not only feed your body. With their love and affection, they will nurture your heart, mind and soul. You grow with them, under their love and support.

4. They Give You Attention From The Start Of The Day

You are the focal point of your partner from dusk till dawn. Their morning starts with seeing your face. They start their morning by greeting you and they make you feel very special from the start of the day.

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé