There are different types of hugs that convey different types of meanings at different times. If you are not sure about the feelings of the girl you are dating, then the hug can be the deciding factor. You can know what she feels for you by the way she hugs you.

You must be thinking by now that many greets by hugging, so does that have an inner meaning as well? No, a simple hug while greeting each other generally doesn’t carry any hidden purpose.

But, then there are some different types of hugs that carry a hidden meaning. If you are trying to get intimate with our girl, then also her hug will let you know whether she wants to get close with you at the moment or not.

There is a fragile line between a simple hug and a special one. If you are all confused by now, then here we are describing 15 different types of hugs for you. This will help you next time when some woman hugs you. You will know precisely what they mean.

1.  Hug for the sake of etiquette

This type of hug is generally for the greetings or for the sake of it. A woman will hug you without letting you touch her completely. This type of hug is generally given at formal events like meetings, special functions or events or office parties, etc.

If you are dating a girl and she is giving you this kind of hug, then man, you are in deep trouble. Why on earth would she hug you formally, if she is interested in you? She is just polite to you. She is not serious about you, and worse, she is not interested in you.

If this is your second date, then most probably, it will be your last date as well. She is not going out with you anymore. Next time when you will call her, she will excuse herself from going out with you.

2.  A warm hug – affection types

A warm hug conveys the meaning of affection. The woman who is hugging you doesn’t need to be your girlfriend. This hug shows that she cares for you irrespective of the relationship you share.

You will feel good when you receive such a warm hug. Most importantly, she will feel even better if you can give her a warm hug. It will release all her stress, and she will feel relaxed in your arms. Sometimes, words cannot comfort a woman like the way a hug does.

So, next time when you see that your girlfriend is all stressed out, go ahead and give her a warm hug. The warm hug is neither too short nor too long. But, within that frame of time, it spells its magic effectively.

This warm hug is reserved for the person whom she loves and cares for. This is a woman’s way of expressing care, fondness, and love for the person.

3.  Hug from the back

This is the hug that you can expect from your significant other. Not many will hug you this way if you aren’t close to them. This is the kind of surprise hug that has a long-lasting impression. This type of hug is quite intimate and conveys the message that she was missing you.

She would hug you from back when she has seen you after a long time or maybe she was thinking about you. It would make you feel all loved and enliven in the embrace of your love. This is definitely one of the cutest ways to get intimate with your partner in public without offending anybody.

4.  Wish you well types of hug

When your girl wants to wish you well or wishes you luck, then she will give you a hug and will rub your back. These types of hugs are quite common when she wants you to know that she is there with you in whatever you do.

More than words, her hug can express her inner feelings better. Just wishing you a simple ‘best of luck’ won’t suffice when she feels you deserve all the success in your venture. It is not the quick hug types; instead, it is more than that.

She wants you to know that she is happy with your decision and wants you to achieve your goal. If all of these emotions are put into words, then sometimes it comes across as very formal. To add some personal touch to this message, backstroke types of hugs are the best solution.

5.  Hugging around the waistline

In a relationship, when you are thinking of getting intimate with your woman, then this is the trick that you can try. If she obliges, then you are in, else you know what she means, right? When your girl is allowing your arms above theirs, they are vulnerable to an open at the same time.

If she is hugging you this way, then she trusts you completely. It is also a way of expressing their happiness in meeting you. She cares for you a lot, and she is looking forward to talking to you about many things.

6.  Pat on the back hug

When a girl gives you a hug and little pat on your back, that means she is hugging you out of courtesy; otherwise, they wouldn’t even bother to come closer to you. This is one clear message, and you should be smart enough to read between the lines and stay away from her next time around.

She is quite uncomfortable around you, but she is hugging you just for the sake of it. These kinds of hugs are a quick one, and it seems she is in a hurry.

7.  The slow embrace

It is one of the most intimate hugs with an emotional string attached. If any woman has hugged you this way, then it is pretty sure that she has some feelings for you that she wanted to express through this hug.

Wondering what this slow hug is? Okay, it is the one where she will be in your arms for a long time and then would move apart to talk to you while her arms are still around you? If yes, then this is the slow hug where her eyes speak more than her words.

She has a lot to say but is running out of words, and she desperately wants you to understand all she has to say solely through this hug.

8.  Shoulder nap hug

This is another intimate hug that a woman would give only when she is extremely close to someone. You will see her arms wrapped around you, and her head will be resting on your shoulder. She will only give you this cozy hug when she feels safe with you.

If a girl is not doing this in a relationship, then she might not be serious about the relationship. It is one of those types of hugs that a woman gives only when she is serious about the guy she is dating. It is the ways of making the guy understand that she trusts him.

9.  Cuddling types of hug

When a woman snuggles up to you when both of you are alone in a room while watching a movie, then it means that she really likes you a lot. She won’t cuddle unless she is sure about you. It might happen that she is trying to express her love for you, but somehow she is not able to do so.

These types of hugs let the woman express her feeling without saying a word. If you guys are smart enough, then you will know what she actually means when she is cuddling up to you.

Sometimes, it happens that a woman is not sure about what they feel, but if they are giving you this hug, then guys you are really special to them.

She won’t come this close if she doesn’t feel for you. This is one hint that you guys should consider if you were thinking about proposing her.

Guys, you can then go right ahead without any second thought. She is going to nod her head in affirmation only.

10.  A tight hug for guys

When she gives you one such tight hug that means she has missed you very badly and is extremely happy to see you now. She would just hold you so tightly that you will almost feel out of breath for a moment. It is her way of telling you that she doesn’t want you to go anywhere now.

She feels like she can keep you in her arms for all her life. This is precisely what she feels when she gives you a tight hug. Generally, these types of hugs are long-lasting one and not quick ones. She feels like her hug will convey all her emotions to you, and she won’t have to speak a single word.

11.  Bear hug

This hug ends with one lifting the other up, wondering where it starts from! There may be various types of hug exchanged between a man and a woman. Some are intimate, whereas some are friendly, but this bear hug is the one that surpasses the other.

Your girl will hold you tightly against her so that you could feel her warmth. It is a long squeeze hug that is mainly exchanged between two people who are madly in love with each other. If you are not too close to her, then she won’t give that hug to you, and neither will she allow you to hug her so closely.

It is not just a hug, it’s her expression of emotion, else why do you think that she is all smiles and not complaining about her messed up dress due to the tight hug?

12.  The awkward hug

One just wishes that no girl comes up to them and give them a cold and awkward hug like this. It is this one-shoulder hug that is given by a woman when she is not comfortable hugging someone she doesn’t know or like.

If she knows you for long, still she is giving you this one-shoulder hug then you are in a big soup. You must have done something that she didn’t like, so she is trying to avoid you by giving you this hug.

Don’t waste your time in thinking what wrong you have done to her, rather act fast and mend things up by cheering her.

In case this is your first date and she has hugged you in this way, then most probably this is your first and last date. Guys, you don’t stand a chance of a second date with her.

13.  Flirting with these types of hugs

Flirting in all kinds are accepted, it doesn’t matter even if it comes in the form of a hug. This is generally the sweetest weapon of a woman who loves her curves and wants to flaunt it as well. She will intentionally keep her arms down so that you can have a full grip of her curves.

In this hug, you won’t find your significant other embracing you back. As a matter of fact, she is actually tempting you by allowing you to come close enough to her yet maintaining that small mystery about her.

Don’t think she is not hugging you back because she is not interested instead;, she is very much interested, and this is her way of hugging you and letting you know her intentions. These types of hugs are specially designed for the lovebirds.

14.  Expressing her love through a hug

You will come across these types of hugs when you and your girl have not yet confessed your feelings for each other. She will wrap around her arms around your back and pull you in and be in this position for a long time.

If you were not sure about her feelings for you, then this is how she is expressing her feelings for you. She is telling you that she has some soft corners for you. Read it in her eyes and don’t hesitate to propose to her as she is dying to commit to you.

15.  Bending in for a hug for guys whom she hates

Nothing can beat this hug in terms of awkwardness. If she is just leaning enough to give you a simple hug, then it is a clear sign of her not interested in you. She is only hugging you for the sake of it. This is the unkind and offensive kind of hug you can get from someone.

She will make sure that you barely touch her. If you don’t want to get insulted in public, then it is better to stay away from the woman who has just hugged you like that. It is generally reserved for people who are dirty-minded and gross.

Final Words

By now, you have become an expert in understanding different types of hugs like the intimate ones to the rude ones. So, next time when you are out with the girl, you like to look into how she is hugging you. It will give you a hint about whether she likes you or not.

A hug acts like a bridge between holding hands and kissing. Therefore, if your girl is looking forward to crossing that bridge with you, she will tell you through her hug. In case she is not interested, then also you will know the very moment she hugs you.

So, look out for the signs. Now you know the difference between a warm and intimate hug compared to a friendly hug. A hug from the love of your life can work magic on your mood and make you feel relax in an instant.

It is one of the ways to let you know that she cares for you and holds dearly to her heart. You won’t get a close hug from a woman if she is not comfortable with you or if she doesn’t trust you. So, next time when a woman hugs you, read through the lines carefully. You will know very well how she feels about you.

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé