These signs are worth identifying if you want to know if your partner is cheating.

Many of us tend to get paranoid about the feelings of our spouses. It is important to take notice of these signs and know your status in the relationship

If he spends much time on the phone than usual

One way to detect if your boyfriend is a cheat is when he spends too much time on his phone rather than having a conversation with you. This change in behavior means he is no more interested in having petty talks with you and will rather have a better time on his phone.

He is always busy at work

Another important sign to detect a cheating boyfriend is when he suddenly gets busy at work than usual. This might mean he is trying to avoid you to spend time with somebody else.

He avoids intimacy with you

Guys are known to love sex. Therefore if your boyfriend finds a reason not to get intimate with you, it could probably mean he is fed up with you or is getting all the love he needs from somewhere else. This change in attitude is very alarming.

He gets angry at you over nothing

Another sign of pick up is when your partner becomes hostile in the relationship. He might unnecessary reasons to get mad at you just to pick up a fight. This sign means he is cheating and may want you out of his life.

Improved appearance

If your boyfriend suddenly picks up the attitude of paying more attention to his appearance than usual, it could probably mean he is being unfaithful so he wants to look better for other girls.