Ladies, if you think that men are clueless, then you are indeed mistaken. There are plenty of things that a man can take notice of whenever he looks at you. And even though you might think that he’s not paying attention, there are already a million thoughts that are running through his brain. Chances are a man who is taking notice of more things than you would think him to. Sometimes, he might even be paying attention to something that you don’t notice about yourself.

That’s why you need to open your mind and open your eyes to the stuff that a man might be thinking about when he’s with you. The better understanding you have of your man, then the easier it will be for you to get him to become attracted to you. Remember that knowledge is power and that that knowledge also applies to love and relationships as well.

So, without much further ado, here are a few things that a man is taking notice of whenever he’s around a woman.

1. Your facial expressions.

Sometimes, your face can be saying things that your words aren’t. And a man isn’t going to be blind to the messages that you are trying to send him with your face. That subtle eye roll might be very telling of how you feel about him. A little smile from your face will tell him that you’re comfortable with him. He’s taking notice of these things.

2. The dominant colors of your outfit.

Colors. You can tell a lot about what a person is thinking, feeling, or planning for a particular day based on the color choices of their clothing. If he sees you wearing a bright and sunny dress with a floral pattern, then that might tell him something about your mood for that day.

If he sees that you’re wearing black, then he might think that you’re in a more severe and sultry mood than usual. He uses your color scheming to sort of gauge where your spirit is at during a particular time.

3. Your musical tastes and inclinations.

Music. If you aren’t a musical person, then that tells him a lot about who you are. If you happen to be really into music, then that tells him something different. And it can reveal a lot more about your personality regarding your taste in music as well. He feels like he can get to know you better based on your musical preferences.

4. Your texting style and language.

The way that you communicate says a lot about who you are. And you might think that the subtle use of a smiley might not mean anything to him, but it does. He’s taking notice of your texting patterns and communication styles.

5. Your choice of drink.

Are you a beer gal, or are you more of a cocktail girl? Do you drink wine with your steak, or do you take scotch? Do you like a glass of red wine every night, or do you just reserve the alcohol for special occasions?

Your drinking habits and preferences are things that your man is taking notice of. You might not think much of it when you’re ordering a drink. But he’s paying attention, and he’s locking all of this information away in his mind. He’s taking mental notes because he knows that this information might come in handy in the future.

6. The way you dress in general.

Believe it or not, a lot of men are going to care about the clothes that you like to wear. You might initially have thought that it’s only women who care a lot about fashion. But that’s not the case. Men care about fashion just as much. And he’s going to be able to tell a lot about your personality with the way you dress.

Not to say that you should wear the fanciest clothes all of the time. It’s just that he’s going to be able to tell what kind of person you are based on your clothing preferences. Clothes are an extension of someone’s personality, after all.

7. Your food preferences.

A man is always going to be paying attention to the things that you order at the restaurant. He will want to know what he’s up against. You might just be ordering the steak because it looks like the most appealing thing on the menu. But to him, he will take that to mean that you are a strong woman with a hearty appetite. You might be ordering a salad, and he will be taking that to say that you like to eat healthily.

A person’s taste in food can dramatically impact the kind of lifestyle and personality that that individual might have. That’s why he’s taking notice of the stud that you order at the restaurant