1. You always stay honest with her even when it gets you into trouble.

You always value her trust and you always respect her enough to know that she deserves the truth from you at all times – even when it gets you into trouble. You never betray her by lying to her. You never make her feel like she has reason to doubt you. [Also Read: 10 Red Flags Of a Bad Person And You Need To Stay Away

2. You keep your feelings and emotions in check.

You don’t get overwhelmed by rage or anxiety. You always keep a level head. You don’t blow the lid whenever she makes a mistake. You are always so calm and collected. [Also Read: 10 Signs He Only Sees You As A Backup Plan

3. You are always willing to adjust and compromise for her.

You show her that you aren’t selfish and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to meet her needs as well. You prove to her that she’s a girl who can really count on you to meet her halfway on anything for the sake of the relationship.  [Also Read: 6 Valuable Lessons To Learn From A Terrible Breakup]

4. You keep things interesting and fresh all the time in your relationship.

You are constantly finding ways to keep the passion and intimacy in your relationship alive. You aren’t content with merely being her man. You always want to make sure that your relationship is consistently growing and evolving. [Also Read: 10 Keys To Forging A Strong And Intimate Relationship]

5. You make her feel like she’s always free to express herself.

You always give her the space to express herself however she sees fit. You never make her feel like her opinion doesn’t matter or that her feelings are invalid. [Also Read: 6 Simple Ways To Win Her Heart without much Effort]

6. You don’t act overly dependent on her or the relationship.

She respects the fact that you are still your own person. She knows that you still have your own life that you live to the fullest. You don’t place too much pressure on her or on the relationship to give you a sense of fulfilment or meaning. You are independent and you give your relationship room to breathe and come into its own. Signs she will not leave you

You show her that you trust her enough by allowing yourself to be vulnerable with her. You open yourself up to her even though it means that you are giving her power over you. You are opening yourself up to getting hurt by her; and she genuinely appreciates your willingness to do so. [Also Read: 4 Signs Your Ex Is Over You And 4 That He Still Loves You]

7. You make it a point to spend lots of time with her.

The more time you spend on a person, then the more that that person knows how much you value them. And if you’re constantly spending lots of time with her, then she knows deep in her heart that you consider her to be a person of utmost importance to you.

8. You support her with her goals and dreams.

You don’t serve as a roadblock. Instead, you push her towards everything that she wants to get done in life. You respect the fact that she is ambitious; and you don’t do anything that holds her back from becoming who she wants to be. Signs she will not leave you