Popular Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has been dragged and called out for blackmailing an honorable man and his wife after sleeping with both of them.

It’s been reported that the sole aim of the actress is to end their marriage hence decided to storm their home and sleep with them.

According to Instagram blogger, Cutie Juls, the actress after the couple finding out she’s been sleeping with both of them, Angela has decided to blackmail them.

The blogger revealed that the honorable man lives in Delta State and has been blackmailing them in dollars.

Cutie Juls wrote, “
“Angela… You slept with an Honorable abi speaker in Delta State. You also have been sleeping with his wife and she got to find out you are shagging the husband also. All attempts to end the relationship, you started blackmailing them. You blackmailed them in Dollars. Uncle Osa paid you and his wife couldn’t take it anymore so chill. You all cover your bullshits with God this, Covenant Child that. Leave people’s husbands and wives!!!! And shut up your mouth small. Which career? You are just there… you have terrible acting skills, better stick ti music and shut it”