Popular Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma seems to want to give relationship another shot as her previous marriage hit the rock.

Nothing about relationship has been heard about the actress after his marriage crashed a year ago until now that she’s making plans to remarry.

Taking to her Snapchat, the beauty queen hinted that it’s about time she gets into serious relationship as she made a call for suitors who are interested to shoot their shots.

Caroline Danjuma recently shared the things she’s looking out for in a man before she can agree to a relationship and possibly marriage.

She wrote, “If I list out the qualities, I might just have to wait till Jesus Christ ..let me try.. Tall, smells good, intelligent, speaks well, kind, honest, humourous, happy, spiritual, financially, mentally, emotionally, stable, loves kids and animals, has self respect, well mannered, treats people well.”

“I’m in my early 30’s. It takes a lot to consider a man wayyy younger than myself. I must be able to admire your leadership skills before I can consider dating you. Maturity in a relationship is extremely important to me. Age is an important factor.”