Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Afe Babalola has said that there is a need for a new constitution for the country to stop recycling failed leaders.

Babalola, who was a special guest of honor at the Fifth Ife Institute of Advanced Studies’ Summer Institute Program, stated that Nigeria’s problem is the 1999 Constitution, which was imposed on us by the military when it wanted to leave power.

He said; 

It is my considered view that a new constitution must be in place before the next election, otherwise we will be recycling the same failed leaders that have brought Nigeria to where it is today. 

I have said it over and over again that the problem with Nigeria is the 1999 Constitution foisted on us by the military when it wanted to exit the reigns of governance in 1999, instead of reverting to the 1963 constitution which Nigeria’s founding fathers bequeathed to us.

After all, the military merely suspended the 1963 constitution when it seized power on January 15, 1996, it did not abolish it

Ado Ekiti, the founder of Afe Babalola University, also expressed regret for the military’s decision to import “the presidential system of government to install an all-powerful President and weaken the constituent regions (now states)” instead of restoring the 1963 Constitution, which had been suspended.

He also alleged that this ‘all-powerful President’ wielded so much power to the extent that when the National Assembly invited him on security matters, he ignored the wish of the representatives of the people by refusing to honour the invitation.