A visibly angry pastor has lambasted his church members for being in the habit of paying insufficient offertory when in fact, God has always been good to them.

In a viral dramatic video circulating online, the yet-to-be-identified Pastor is seen with his facemask hanging on his left ear, while he registers his displeasure at the miserly attitude of his congregation.

He bemoaned how his members care less about the decline in church contributions especially even on Sundays when they are expected to show sufficient gratitude to God for his bountiful blessings.

The unhappy man of God is heard grumbling and telling the church members to be ashamed of themselves for contributing only $200 (GHS1,155) as the day’s collection.

“Go and do the research, go and do your research…two weeks ago, the collection was 200 and something dollars on a Sunday morning…we should be ashamed of ourselves; we should be ashamed of ourselves. 200 and something dollars at a Sunday morning mass collection!” he fumed.

“Are you telling me that the Lord has not blessed you?”, he quizzed in anger as his congregants remained quiet.