TV personality and actress Ayanda Thabethe has revealed that she is going to date or marry anytime soon because she still has fears of been cheated on.

According to her, the hardest thing she has ever done is to choose who to settle down with, but even doing so she got it wrong the first time.

Because of this, she has considered not marrying on going into any form of romantic relationship.

I think that it is growth. It’s understanding that it’s okay when things don’t work out. And it’s also spilling yourself and everything that you have into something. And when it doesn’t work because you’ve given everything that you had, you don’t have any regrets about it. You don’t have any “what if’s” or whatever. So when you move on, it’s completely over and you wish the other person the best.

Some years ago, Ayanda Thabethe was married to Andile Ncube, but unfortunately ,their marriage ended abruptly.

The two kept the reason behind their divorce private but in an interview on Fresh Breakfast, Ayanda revealed it was an amicable breakup