Two of Ghana’s most well-known loudmouths and internet savage queens (Afia Schwar and Ayisha Modi) are currently squabbling on social media over Moesha Budongs’ woes that became a national topic two weeks ago and garnered massive attention as well as reaction from Ghanaian internet users.

Afia Schwarzenegger who is a controversial Ghanaian actress and ill-famed media personality has gone all out to finally reply to Ayisha Modi after she repeatedly called her fake, wicked and evil in a series of IG live videos she hosted.

Ayisha had earlier accused Schwar of being a witch and an opportunist, among other dreadful charges which all fit the mother of three because she is a known notorious celebrity.

The die-hard BHIM NATION fan wrote a long post yesterday mocking Afia Schwarzenegger for being a fake godmother who thinks all about herself rather the well-being of her supposed goddaughters

Schwar, according to Ayisha Modi has diabolically abandoned Moesha at a critical time in her life when she needs her the most.

She further went on to exclusively reveals that both Afia Schwarzenegger and herself are witches, but that while she utilizes hers to empower women, Schwar’s witchcraft is harming young girls.

Afia Schwar was threatened by Ayisha Modi to speak up or answer if she is a woman, or she would show her where the power lies by dropping an album of hateful audios.

Bigmouth and braggart Schwar has slammed Ayisha Modi with a barrage of abuse. Ayisha Modi, according to Schwar, sleeps with a prominent Ghanaian pastor’s wife in order to pay her rent and also afford the luxury lifestyle she shows on the internet.

According to Afia Schwar, the pastor is top womaniser and has neglected his wife, therefore Ayisha Modi’s has been hired as her f*cking partner is to satisfy the Osofo Maame in bed whenever she is horny in exchange for money.

These audacious claims against Ayisha Modi were made by Schway in her most recent IG live.