On Tuesday, July 27th, Nollywood actor Junior Pope Odunwodo and his wife will celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary.

Junior Pope took to Instagram to share a family photo and a kind note to his wife to commemorate the occasion.

Recall that Junior Pope and his wife got married in 2014, and their union have been blessed with three boys.

Sharing a family photo on his IG account, Junior Pope wrote,


If I Tell You Say E Easy Na Set Up ,For Two Persons Raised In Different Backgrounds , Different Orientations etc To Live Under Same Roof For So Many Years Is Only By The GRACE Of God Because At Some Point Patience Will Be Exhausted, Understanding Will Cry For Help But The GRACE Of God Just Keeps Us Going…….

And As Such , Today We Give God All The Glory, We Appreciate Him For All He Has Done In Our Lives From The Day We Both Said “ I DO” On His Alter .

Thank You @dopeevents007 @qutejay For Accepting To Marry This Stubborn Boy. Happy Anniversary To Us.”

Source: Mcmnt.com