Blessing CEO, a Nigerian relationship consultant, has warned women against dating multiple men at the same time.

People who date more than one person, she claims, are always perplexed. She went on to say that such people haven’t accomplished much for themselves, let alone given a good account of what they’ve done with their life.

People don’t believe it when I say I can’t recall how many guys I’ve slept with, according to her.

She further revealed that she had slept with not more than seven men, and she recalls exactly what happened and led to their sexual approaches.

Blessing CEO in a live video said;

“The only thing that some ladies have done for 5 years is sleeping with different men. They can’t give a good account of their lives and they would later say that men are wicked. Some people have not bought a car for themselves despite sleeping around.

When I tell people that I can’t remember the number of people I have slept with, they think that I am joking. They are not even up to seven. I can also remember what happened between us that led to it.”