Popular internet sensation, Bobrisky has taken a swap at Instagram blogger, Tosin Silverdam as he threatens to drag him to court over the constant troll launch against him.

Tosin has been accused for dragging celebrities on his Instagram page and chasing clout by Bobrisky in a now deleted post.

The crossdresser took to the gram and warn Tosin to stop making demeaning posts about him or risk being arrested and facing the law.

Bobrisky wrote, “Tosinsilveradam dis is an open warning for you. If you dare post anything about me on your page again I will ask for your arrest in that Kano and I will pay to transfer your case to Lagos or Abuja. Stop mentioning me on your page else my lawyer will use ur email on your bio to serve you a letter. Be warned.

“Enough of your clout chase with my name… have gathered enough evidence to use against you so stop clout chasing with my name. You can build your own brand without my name. If other celebrities aren’t talking I will talk about my own. You aren’t other bloggers without face. Be warned!!! But if you have money to fight me you can continue and watch me flex my power on you”.