1.     Eric Praised For “Feeding Broke Socialites”

Eric Omondi‘s Wife Material may be over, but its legacy is only just beginning.
For his reality show, Eric had managed to pick 9 of the hottest eligible bachelorettes in the country and stick them all into one house to fight it out for his heart. 

But finally on January 11, Eric revealed that Wife Material was a scripted drama and that none of the events were real. He admits that the reality show was only the first in a list of productions he has lined up on his brand new studios. And now, fans of Eric Omondi are praising the comedian for raising the bar for local entertainment. More specifically, for helping promote young talent and giving them a chance to make successful careers.

This comes only a day after Eric was forced to defend himself from accusations by one of the former Wife Material contestants Shila, who disclosed to gossip blogger Edgar Obare that Eric used her on the show but did not pay the girls.

2.     Shimza Marvels At R3.6 Million Dj Desk

DJ and entrepreneur DJ Shimza clearly takes his craft very serious! He recently took to Twitter to show off how much the Lockdown house party DJing equipment cost. And because tweeps are always looking to question everything, Shimza came with receipts. While he never said the desk was his, tweeps felt that money could be put to “good use” until another tweeps corrected them buy saying the desk is owned by Channel O.

3.     Master KG Blesses A Fan With A House

Master KG has decided to bless a fan with a new abode this year. The world-renowned DJ had people shocked by the wonderful gesture. The fan expressed his gratitude to the DJ for blessing him with a house which is apparently located in Midrand Johannesburg.

Whether the DJ did buy the fan a house or not, the man remains adamant that he did. When asked by another tweep if Master KG really bought him a house, he responded with “yes sir.”
 In the heartfelt appreciation message, the fan said, “I had never ever thought one day I will wake up and clean my own house in Johannesburg Midrand….A blessing on top of another thanks brother love @MasterKGsa.”Master KG decided to respond by saying, “Congratulations my G More blessings.”

Picture credit: Instagram