After settling with her new husband, Cindy seems to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it seems for her to get to the end of the tunnel, she has to set priorities for her relationship if it is to stand the test of time.
In a post through her Facebook page, Cindy wrote, “at this point in life, I am only interested in stability, consistency, respect, and loyalty. What is important to you in this stage of your life?”
Cindy got engaged and said ‘yes’ early this year to Actor, Model Joel Akuyo Atiku early this year with whom she had been secretly bonking for quite some time. It was also alleged that Akuyo was married with kids but the two lover birds went on with their engagement planed.
After she broke up with her Italian boyfriend with whom she has a daughter, Cindy was linked to a couple of men, one being South African base businessman/socialite, Ken Muyisa with whom they had a quite publicized fling. 
However, ever since Ken left the Boom Party hitmaker, little was being said about her bonking sessions, as she focused on serenading her fans with club bangers that even earned the name-The king herself, until Akuyo point his Cupid arrow straight through her heart.
Now that she has finally settled for the Boy from Arua, Cindy demands loyalty, respect, consistency, and stability from the man she loves and perhaps from the people she keeps around her.
 Cindy could be right to make these demands as she has suffered betrayal before. Before she went on her solo career, Cindy belonged to a girl trio named Blue3 that at the time took the Uganda music scene by storm, however, after she suffered betrayal from her colleagues, she had no choice but to exit Blu3. I guess she doesn’t want to suffer the same consequences again.
If all goes well in Cindy’s love life, we might be lucky to see another celebrity couple from the music industry tie the note. Although Cindy’s relationship has not been made official as yet, she can be categorized in the league of Ugandan publicly known celebrity couples like; Daddy Andrea and Nina Rose who recently made their relationship a public secret, Rema Namukula, and Doctor Sebunya.
All fingers crossed for Cindy as she sails through the tides of love because love, is  bitter and sweet.