Former South African President, Jacob Zuma‘s weapons deal corruption trial was been postponed until August 10 by a South African court on Tuesday, July 20 after Zuma requested a postponement to appear in person rather than virtually.

Following Zuma’s arrest earlier this month, his supporters staged some of the greatest civil unrest in history. looting and stealing from public and private properties killing hundreds.

The protests were the worst ever seen in South Africa of the post-apartheid era.

Zuma’s successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa authorized the deployment of 25,000 soldiers to quell the unrest, and more than 2,500 people have been arrested.

Zuma appeared by video link in court on Monday to seek a further delay in his corruption trial.

For more than a decade, he has avoided punishment by portraying himself as the victim of a politically motivated witch hunt.

Zuma, 79, sat silently in a dark suit and crimson tie as one of his lawyers, Dali Mpofu, urged that the trial should be postponed so Zuma could appear in person rather than remotely.