Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, professionally known as Funny Face is currently receiving treatment at the Accra Psychiatrist hospital on the orders of Presiding Judge Ebenezer Osei Darko of Ofankor Circuit Court.

Funny Face was dragged to the Ofankor Circuit Court by the Ghana Police on Monday, February 15, 2021, for resisting arrest and disrespecting the Ghana Police by raining insults on them. The court after probing into the case realized that Funny Face is not of sound mind and that they cannot pronounce judgement on his case.

The general public hailed the court on its decision ordering the Ghana Police to send Funny Face to the Accra Psychiatrist hospital for treatment for two weeks. Prior to the court’s decision, the majority of Ghanaians on social media had suggested that he seek help from counsellors judging from his behaviour.

A few months, Funny Face went haywire on social media and descended heavily on his baby mama, Ama Vanessa with claims that she is behind his predicament and said all sort of unpleasant things to her, her mother and everyone involved in making sure that he recovers from whatever was happening to him.

One Ghanaian woman came out and disclosed that if care is not taken, Funny Face will go mad, chained and be tied to a big tree just like it’s done to madmen. According to the woman, she had a dream and saw a thick tall woman cursing Funny Face at the bank of a river for not treating her well when they were dating.

One Ghanaian man of God, Pastor Prince Elisha also came with a revelation that Funny Face’s is suffering because a certain celebrity has taken him to a shrine and tied him. Pastor Prince Elisha revealed that this celebrity is a comedian who’s envious of Funny Face and wants to destroy his life.

Well, Counselor George Lutherodt during an interview on TV Africa rubbished Pastor Prince Elisha’s revelation and stated that no one hates Funny Face in the entertainment industry and questioned that “what does Funny Face have for anyone to hate and take him to a shrine?” According to Counselor Lutherodt. Funny Face is a “nobody” for someone to hate him.

The controversial counsellor received a lot of backlashes for looking down on Funny Face and tagging him as a “thing”. Fan of Funny Face came hard at Counselor Lutherodt and dragged on social media for using unpleasant words to describe Funny Face.

Funny Face’s two weeks stay at the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital also brought about misunderstandings between his family and his friend, Kwaku Manu who made it possible for his baby mama, Ama Vanessa and his children to pay him a surprise visit at the hospital after months of separation. Funny Face for months kept talking about his baby mama and kids and how he has missed them dearly and seeing them contributed hugely to his recovery.

Well, the family of Funny Face has a problem with how Kwaku Manu went about Funny Face’s issue. According to them during an interview on Peace FM with Akwasi Aboagye, Kwaku Manu took advantage of Funny Face’s situation to make money off him by taking videos of him at the hospital and publishing them on YouTube to make money. Funny Face’s family instructed Kwaku Manu to remove videos of him from his YouTube channel.

The family also accused actor Kwaku Manu of pretending to help Funny Face recover but his hidden motive was to make money off him on YouTube. Kwaku Manu during the interview was shocked about Funny Face’s family’s claims and made it clear that he loves Funny Face and has no bad intentions about him. Kwaku Manu has to hang up the phone for a reason that things are heating up in the studio and doesn’t want to continue the interview anymore.

Funny Face’s baby mama, Ama Vanessa also granted interviews to a few radio stations after her surprise visit to the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital to see him. Smiles were all over Funny Face’s face after seeing his baby mama and his children especially their twins, Ella and Bella. Funny Face, his baby mama and kids were all elated in the photos taken at the hospital which went viral on social media a few minutes after they were posted.

According to Funny Face’s baby mama in an exclusive interview with Ace Broadcaster Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, she still loves Funny Face and ready to forget the past and accept him back. But then, she put one condition on the table that she will return to Funny Face if he is ready to elevate her from the baby mama status to wife status. She added that there is no way she will return to Funny Face house as his baby mama. He has to do the needful as expected of mature men.

Ama Vanessa also told the world how Funny Face is frank and doesn’t hide secrets. She disclosed that even when he cheats with another woman, he comes home and confess to her. Ama Vanessa also claimed that Funny Face isn’t mad as the majority of Ghanaians think. She believed he was just going through a minor life problem and not mental health issues. She stated on live radio that she has forgiven Funny Face for whatever he said about her in the wake and heat of their relationship break up.

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor also visited Funny Face at the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital, took photos and video with him and posted them on Instagram to rubbish rumours that he has fallen out with him. Their video went viral with a lot of reactions from social media users. They showered praises on Adebayor for not abandoning Funny Face.

The good news is that Funny Face has been discharged from the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital and currently a free man going about his daily activities. He was seen in a video with actor Akrobeto where they had a brief conversation about his situation and confirmed that he isn’t mentally sick as reported.

Funny Face is now well and sound-minded after spending two weeks at the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital on the orders of the Ofankor Circuit court.