It is important that you know your body so as find what bests fits for you.

Fashion is simple but can be become a hectic activity if you don’t know what works for you. Body types vary from one person to person and so certain fashion styles may fit us better than others.

It is suicidal to copy a dress style blindly without considering your body type. To prevent going out looking like a clown with no confidence, read this article and pick up some fashion tips.

Some simple fashion tips to follow if you are a skinny is:

Wear long sleeves

Skinny guys do not have big arm muscle to show so it just right that you hide them under your shirt. Avoid wearing short sleeves that will expose your arm and make you look skinnier than you already are. You can also fold the sleeve to your elbow level to look cooler

Wear fitting shirts

Wearing fitting shirts will compliment your body type and will make you look a bit bigger. Wearing oversized clothes will make you look smaller. Avoid buggy tops that are oversized and do not fit better.

Wear fitting pants, Avoid skinny jeans

It is advisable that as a skinny guy you wear fitting pants to cover your skinny lower bodyand make you look bigger. Wearing skinny jeans will make you look weak and much slimmer.

Avoid V necks

V necks expose your chest area whenever you wear them. However, for skinny guys with no chest muscle to show off, it is nice that you wear fitting round necks instead of V necks.

Wear slim shoes

For your footwear, slim shoes are the best for you. Slim shoes complement your lower body and make you look cute. Wearing oversized shoes will make your legs appear skinnier than your upper body.

Follow these simple tips if you are a skinny guy and look great and confident in your body.