On Wednesday, Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi opened the state’s first private-owned cemetery, with a capacity of 260,000 people.

The governor said the ‘CitiGate Park and Gardens Cemetery,’ which is located in the Eminrin area of the state, has the capacity to prevent environmental hazards and protect citizens’ health.

Mrs Iyabo Fakunle-Okieimen, the Commissioner for Environment represented Fayemi and said the project highlighted the government’s efforts to encourage private investors in the state.

She said;

With this investment by a private body, Ekiti is no longer a rural setting. In the USA, Britain and other European countries, you can’t just bury your dead at home.

Aside from the fact that it causes groundwater pollution, it devalues our buildings and reduces its aesthetic values. This is a public-private initiative but will be driven largely by private owners.

We appeal to the drivers of this business to try and replicate this across the 16 local governments in the state, so that our late parents can be buried easily in cemeteries that are neater and well laid out.

This is cheaper compared to what you can get in Lagos and other cities and our people can now bring their dead parents home to be buried from other parts of the country

Source: Mcmnt.com