Astute Ghanaian businessman and politician who is the founder of All People’s Party, Hassan Ayariga has contended that Ghana holds the probability of becoming the best in the world if the men stop chasing women.

According to the controversial politician majority of Ghanaian men, notably those with higher positions, dedicate too much time chasing women instead of working hard.

In line with his submissions, Ghana is crawling behind development because of the excess love our men have for women.

Hassan Ayariga also opined that if the same energy used in chasing slay queens and pretty women was used to work, the country would have been in a better state.

During an interview with Starr FM, he said;

We love women too much to the extent we ignore work, let’s channel the way we love and Chase women to hardworking and we will see what we become. Ghana will be the country in the world” 

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