The General Industrial Workers’ Union of South Africa (Giwusa) is keen on intensifying its strike action across all operations at Clover South Africa.

Last Tuesday, about 2,000 disgruntled employees refused to resume to duty.

These workers were demanding a 16% increase in wage.

Clover SA did not reach to terms as it offered lesser increase than what workers wanted.

The company offered a 5% hike which the members of the union rejected resulting to deadlock in wage negotiations.

The union is also demanding for control over labour brokers.

They are of the opinion that workers get exploited by not being permanently employed.

The union’s deputy general secretary Charles Phahla said:

“You’re not only looking at a salary increase… we’re also looking at other demands… we’ve got about 27 demands.”

“Now the company doesn’t want to negotiate the other demands, for example, the labour brokers to be made permanent, the issue of the provident fund to be restructured.”

“Our plan is to march to the head office of Clover.”