Singer Evelyn Lagu for the longest time has been sick with a lot of health complications; heart failure and kidney disease.

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All along with her illness, statehouse through Afande Nakalema has been footing her hospital bills, until recently when get re-admitted over similar complications.
However, it turns out that her situation now requires a kidney transplant which requires more than 200 million shillings.
Now she has been going through social media telling people who can help to run to her rescue and contribute the money.
A section of Ugandans felt like it was not fair for her to asking money from the public yet she has fellow artists who can collectively get that money in one go.
Another section directed her to go to the president and the kidney from him or any of his relatives.
“Since you have Museveni’s number on speed dial, why don’t you go call him to send you his kidney, or even his son or wife.”  said the angry fan
“We can’t help you because we have a lot of problems that are beyond your illness.”
The disgruntled netizens added that the oppression they are facing under the Museveni regime is too much that they can’t afford to help anybody that sympathizes with the regime.
currently, Evelyn got a kidney donor but she is grappling with finances to take her to India for the transplant, she needs to be helped out.


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