Ladies and gentlemen, singer Nina Roz is as good as taken. And the culprit this time round is nine other than the infamous Andrey on the ” bean”

It all started as the normal rumours on the Kampala streets. The two would come out to rubbish it as ” mere rumours.” And of course ” we are just friends.”

Because of you our esteemed readers, we at Gandalebs have done some deep digging to unearth why things happened in a bullet’s speed.

It’s been reported that the Mukyaala arrangements didn’t take more than just a week of preparation!

When Nina Roz’s parents learnt that their pencil thin diva was convincingly ballooned, they immediately charged at a horny Andrey.

They couldn’t afford the humiliation that comes with having a pregnant daughter pregnant with an unknown man. And Mr Ojambo was ordered to institutionalise all subsequent bonking escapades or else forget this particular “bean”

That’s how and why even the producer’s close friends only learnt of the marriage long after it had already happened.

The affair could thus have been one of the horny pussy striken man’s usual beeps that just went wrong this time round.