How Kuami Eugene And Rapper Guru’s ‘Beef’ Started And Why They Will Never Collaborate On A Song

Young Ghanaian musician, Eugene Kwame Marfo, professionally known as Kuami Eugene and Rapper Maradona Yeboah Adjei popularly known as Guru are currently going back and forth on a failed collaboration between them where each of them is explaining his side of the story on social media.

Ghanaians on the internet are divided over the issue of Kuami Eugene’s refusal to collaborate with Guru who has been in the music industry for over a decade with back to back hit songs. While some are surprised that Kuami Eugene who hasn’t been in the industry for long could turn could turn down a collaboration with Guru down, others are also of the view that it’s not compulsory to jump on any collaboration.

From all indications, Guru is disappointed that Kuami Eugene, the reigning ‘Artiste of the Year’ has on several occasions turned down his call for a feature on a project his new project. Guru is of the strong conviction that it’s Kuami Eugene’s Management making their collaboration impossible due to what happened between himself and Kuami Eugene’s Record Label boss, Richie Mensah of Lynx Entertainment a few years ago.

Four months ago, Guru granted an interview to Blogger Zionfelix and disclosed that Kuami Eugene and Kidi’s Manager, Albert, has blacklisted him from getting a feature from Kuami Eugene and Kidi. According to Guru, he made some background checks and got to know about Albert’s intentions of never allowing Kuami Eugene and Kidi to collaborate with him on his project.

Remember when Kuami Eugene won the prestigious ‘Artiste of the Year’ award at the 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Guru disagreed with the VGMA Board for crowning him as ‘Artiste of the Year’. According to Guru, Sarkodie deserved that accolade looking at the hard work he put in under the year review.

But Kuami Eugene reacting to Guru’s comments that he never deserved the award said on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty that it’s Guru’s opinion and he respects that.

“This is Ghana, everyone is opinionated,” was his initial reaction, before admitting Guru, just like many others, have every right to fight for their favourites. If Sark had won, people will come and say he didn’t deserve it: it’s normal, if Kofi Kinaata had won, Sark Nation will say he didn’t deserve it, so it’s both ways. People like to express themselves and I think Guru has every right to feel this way”, Kuami Eugene said.

And when he was asked if he would collaborate with Guru, here’s what he said;

“I’m a big fan of Guru so if he wants a collaboration, I’ll accept”. Kuami Eugene who said he would accept to collaborate with Guru in September 2020 has now come up with a reason not to collaborate with him and that is the genesis of their back and forth on social media which has sparked controversies and conversations amongst their fans, Bloggers and Entertainment Pundits.

Guru who feels Kuami Eugene disrespected him by going public to disclose why he cannot collaborate with him also wrote and cautioned him not to think that he’ll reign in the Ghanaian music industry forever since there’s a time to be born and a time to die.

Guru via his verified Facebook page wrote;

“Dear Kuami Eugene,

I admire your hardwork and how well you have come. I am already in my 13th years in this industry and i have been able to give back to back hits.

I made sure I had not less than 4 hits songs every year and in 2014 i gave 10 MEGA hits in one calendar year, I dont know how old you were at that time though.

The industry is in difficult times which we need to join hands to change or continue with the mistakes our predecessors made.

Remember some people started with me but they could not last long so I appreciate how far God has brought me.

I know that you will not be under Lynx Entertainment forever but remember not to have any issue with Lynx Entertainment before you leave because those that exited couldn’t maintain the hype.

There are always new Lords so remember nothing last forever. Point of correction I never begged for a Collaboration. I didnt ask for Collaboration because I wanted a hit song, I have alot of hit songs and im proud of that.

I wanted you to know i appreciate your craft does why i wanted us to work together and nothing more. I wish you well. Thank You
N K Z”.

Also, Guru’s Manager, Ray Moni, in a Facebook post revealed how he helped Kuami Eugene land his ambassadorial deal with Dr Kwaku Oteng’s Adonko Next Level Drink. According to Ray Moni, it was him who introduced Kuami Eugene to Dr Kwaku Oteng so he expected him to be grateful and show appreciation by collaborating with Guru.

Ray Moni wrote and disclosed;

“It’s just unfortunate that such a disparaging thing is emanating from an artist like you Kuami Eugene. You can be disrespectful but not to this extent.

If you are in your prime today , it doesn’t give you the impetus to denigrate a pace setter like Guru. Have you forgotten who introduced you to Dr. Kwaku Oteng? It was through me that you got that ambassadorial deal.

The betterment of the industry is what we all crave for that’s the reason – like the way Guru admired your craft and wanted to collaborate with you, that’s the same way I also helped you to bag that ambassadorial deal.

In as much as you want to make headlines, you should always show some level of decorous when ever you get the opportunity to vibe about people who have toiled vehemently to give life to the industry which has preempted you to also exhibit your talent”.

Kuami Eugene’s Record Label boss, Richie Mensah, has also reacted to the back and forth and backed Kuami Eugene for disclosing in public why he cannot collaborate with Guru despite his attempts to get him featured on his new project.

Richie Mensah via his verified Facebook page wrote;

“I normally stay quiet in most situations but this time I only feel it’s right I say something. Guru asked Lynx for a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.

He then went from one media house to another insulting myself and other members of Lynx management, even to the extent of accusing us of sabotaging his career for the past 10years.

He spun stories which implied we have some extreme power in the industry to vitiate someone’s career. As usual my team and I stuck to our usual demeanour and stayed mute.

When Kuami Eugene was asked in an interview if he would feature Guru, he simply said he couldn’t because Guru had insulted me consistently, and it wouldn’t be right to do a feature with someone who was disrespecting his boss.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There was nothing disrespectful in what Eugene said. I’m a responsible leader, and I would have chastised my artist if he spoke out of turn.

So my question is, those attacking Eugene for allegedly disrespecting his elder Guru, where were they when Guru was attacking myself and my reputation in a disrespectful manner?

We talk about unity in the industry and then we go around bringing each other down. I personally have no problem with Guru. Never have and never will.

I like to conserve my energy towards constant success and development than to waste my time on petty squabbling. Guru is a natural hitmaker, and doesn’t need KiDi nor Kuami Eugene on his song to make a hit.

So there really should be no offence taken in any of this. So can we just drop all this wahala and everyone go back to making hits for Ghana”.

At this point, industry players and stakeholders are calling on Guru, Kuami Eugene and Richie Mensah to make peace and probably make that collaboration happen for the betterment of the Ghanaian music industry.