How Moesha Buduong, An Instagram Model Became Most-talked-about Celebrity In Ghana

March 10, 2021, was the 31st birthday of Ghanaian socialite and actress, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong where she posted beautifully captured photos of herself on Instagram with a message highlighting how far she’s come in the Ghanaian entertainment industry as a woman from humble beginnings. Of course, Moesha Buduong has come very far and her lavish 31st birthday party says it all about how important clocking 31 years is to her as an entertainer who was despised by some top actresses and criticized her style for getting into the limelight.

Moesha Buduong on her 31st birthday wrote the below message;

“It all feels like a dream BUT God has been good to me. As I celebrate my Life, I truly appreciate the Princess my Parents have raised.

Cheers to always Living Life on my Own Terms, Celebrating My Successes, breaking the rules and Learning from my Failures. My Own Castle, My Own Rules, My Own Elegance. Soo proud of myself and my growth.

The PRINCESS in me has finally found her Glass shoe. happy birthday to me. Pisces season”.

Moesha Buduong also got a big surprise birthday party organized by her friends including Movie Producer, Kofi Asamoah of Kofas Media. As expected, she was criticized for pretending to know nothing about the surprise birthday party thrown for her by her friends and loved ones inside her mansion.

Aside from the above, Moesha Buduong also did a remake of Beyonce’s music video, Diva, to mark her 31st birthday and again, she was trolled for singing nothing in the video. People were expecting Moesha Buduong to get a big birthday gift but that never happened. Maybe she got a big gift but decided to keep it all to herself without involving the media and blogs.

The above is what happened on Moesha Buduong’s 31st birthday and now, let’s dive into her life and how she hit the limelight and became a celebrity.

Moesha Buduong was born to Rtd. Major Boduong and Tina Boduong. Moesha Buduong had her basic school education at Nhyiaeso Basic School in Kumasi, Ashanti Region and then continued to Accra Girls’ Senior High School. After passing her West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination, she then proceeded to the University of Ghana where she studied Theatre, Music and Dance (Diploma).

Moesha Buduong’s acting career started on social media specifically Instagram. She realized she could use Instagram to her advantage, achieve her purpose and also get into the mainstream. Moesha started posting professionally captured photos of herself on Instagram and within a few months, she had garnered some following. The blogs started making news about her and that’s when people started getting to know her.

Moesha Buduong then got featured with minor roles in movies such as ‘Pool Party’, ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Amakye and Dede’. She also became the host of HP TV program on Viasat 1. At that time, some of the top celebrities thought she was going to the extreme just for media attention and then started looking down on her and dragging her in private conversations but she kept on doing what the media likes to talk about.

Moesha Buduong’s fame shot up after her interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in April 2018 where she shockingly revealed that she sleeps with rich married men to make a living due to the economic hardships in Ghana. The interview went viral on social media and on blogs and as usual, she received a lot of backlashes from Ghanaians.

Moesha in the interview revealed that her boyfriend who is a rich married man pays her rent, car maintenance and other expenses and in return, she gives him whatever he needs from a woman. Moesha’s generalization that Ghanaian women depend solely on men for survival got a lot of women furious.

Various women’s group in Ghana called her out and demanded an apology from her for branding Ghanaian women as lazy women who cannot work to make their own money but rather depend on men for their basic needs. Throughout the public uproar over her interview with CNN, she kept mute and refused to comment on the brouhaha.

She later dropped a post on Instagram praising herself for making it to CNN. According to Moesha, it had always been her dream to appear on an international media platform and said she saw her interview with CNN as a breakthrough. Also, her interview with CNN opened doors for her as she became the most sort after socialite to be interviewed by media houses in Ghana.

Also, rumours about Moesha Buduong going under the knife to get her curvaceous body made her popular as most of her photos revealing her hourglass figure went viral on social media and on blogs. Even though she was criticized by Entertainment Pundits for indecent exposure but it seems she never gave a listening ear to those criticisms. She kept on living her life and doing what makes her happy.

Apparently, Moesha Buduong wasn’t doing all the above for just likes and comments on Instagram, she had a plan mapped out as she revealed in a recent interview with Zionfelix that she now owns a 5-bedroom mansion and two expensive cars, Toyota Land Cruiser and Range Rover.

On the question of how she was able to build a 5-bedroom mansion and buy two expensive cars despite having no real job, she gave a simple answer that it’s by the grace of God. She also talked about spending thousands of dollars on her hip and butt enlargement surgery somewhere in North America.

Moesha also bragged about being the Kim Kardashian of Ghana because she is the one who made Ghanaian women be confident with themselves and get surgeries to enlarge parts of their bodies. According to her, most female Ghanaian celebrities who criticized her for going under the knife have also done the same and now feeling good in their shapes.

Moesha Buduong also revealed that she contracted deadly COVID-19 after she attended a birthday party in the wake and heat of the pandemic. Fortunately for her, she recovered after subjecting herself to steaming and eating foods that boost the human immune system.

According to Moesha, she recovered after six days of treating herself at home and that was when she realized that COVID-19 was real and then capitalized on the opportunity to advise people to observe social distancing and other protocols.

Moesha Buduong has now gained the celebrity status all thanks to CNN and Instagram.