A nice and appealing body is what most guys look for. Many men tend to pay more attention to their bodies as they develop.

From research, it is clear that women find men with bigger shoulders very attractive. It is just like the way a man will be attracted to any woman with a curvy and sexy body today.

Wider and bigger shoulders make a man appear confident and more important. Anyone with a big and muscular shoulder is perceived to be strong and efficient.

Below are simple gym workouts to broaden and strengthen your shoulders.

Front lateral raises

Front raises are simple gym workouts that strengthen the shoulder muscles. It is performed by lifting the barbell shoulder width apart and lowering it down slowly and steadily.

Seated dumbbell press

Shoulder workouts are not completed without sited dumbbell presses. Seated dumbbell presses are great deltoids exercise that target all the shoulder muscles. This is the best shoulder exercise in the gym.

Reverse Peck Fly

Reverse Peck Fly is keen to expand the back shoulder muscles. It can be performed by bending or arching your back. Two dumbbells are flown shoulders apart until your hands reach the desired height.

Lateral raises

If you prefer a more traditional lateral raise, look no further than this one here. It likewise targets the middle deltoids and works wonders when executed properly. Start in the standing position, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, your abs tight, your chest up, your head straight, and your shoulders pinched. Hold the dumbbells at either side, retaining a neutral grip.