Failure is when our set goals do not come into existence due to our inabilities or shortcomings beyond our control.

Failure is inevitable sometimes in life. The greatest men in the world today failed at some point.

Sometimes it feels like all hope is lost and nothing good can come out of you. This is the point where many people break down mentally and physically.

Failure comes in many forms. For a student, failure can be failing that crucial exam, for a worker, failure can be not achieving any substantial promotion, for a parent, failure can be watching their kids go wayward.

Failure however is attaimable if you follow the following steps.

1.Understand that failure is the path to success

It is important that you realise that failure is an opportunity for you to reach success. The more you fail, it means you are at the verge of succeeding due to your constant effort.

2.Remain Calm

Failure can punch you hard in the face and can leave you restless and traumatized, no doubt about that. However, it is important that you keep your cool and be confident that you are going to bounce back from your current situation.

3.Learn from your mistakes

Learning from previous mistakes is a step to overcome failure. You cannot rise above your failures if you do not pick up lessons from your previous mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and build upon them.

Remember that all things are possible because failure they say is not the end of man.