Men want peace of mind with any woman they find themselves with. Men are designed in such a way that they need the help of women in many things that they do.

A mature man who is getting ready to settle down with a lady will seek to get certain qualities that will be of benefit to him irrespective of the woman’s beauty.

Some women are indeed beautiful but their character says otherwise. Such women either ate not approached by men or their relationships always take a nosedive.

Below are certain behaviours of women that scare the men away;

Bossy Lady

At first, men may interpret your bossiness as confidence but at times goes on, they cannot take it anymore. No man wants a lady that is full of herself. If you are always on the man, telling him what to do, he is definitely going to leave you because his mother can do a better job at yelling.

Playing hard to get to the extreme

When many women take the hard to get game too far. At first, men may be fascinated by women who play hard to get but when they find out that they are interested in you, they will expect that you open up and stop being defensive. If you do not quit, he will walk out the door.

Women who try to change men.

If you are the type of woman who tries to change a guy he is going to leave you. Some women claim they like their guys the way they are, but when they start dating, they put in the effort to transform the man totally to fit their taste.