The new trending problem in rationships today has to do with “body count” . Now in case you don’t know what body count is, it simply means how many sexual relations your partner has had in the past before settling with you.

Well in most cases that should not be a problem because all of us have our dirty secrets that have nothing to do with the present.

The many sexual escapedes your partner had while in highschool or University should not create any kind of problem for both of you if you look at it from a certain angle.

Okay, so your girlfriend slept with 100 guys in the past so what? Shouldn’t what really matter is the fact that she is with you now?

Men especially tend to be overly concerned with the body count of their partners. Most men like to be wild and sexually adventurous in their youthful days yet they get pissed off when their ladies also did same.

Research have shown that men are naturally dominant and do not like to share their territory. This could be why a guy can suddenly act cold towards his partner just because he found out about her wild sex life.

Some even go the extreme to abuse their partners and use degrading words such as ‘whore’ whenever they are caught up in an argument.

In worst cases, the guy can even call things off. This should not be the case at all. It is selfish for a guy to unleash anger on his long time partner just because of her numerous body count.

To prevent any bad blood from both ends, it’s best that the issue of body count stays a secret or when brought up, both of you must be ready to accept it and move on.

Life goes on and is useless to dwell on the past.