In our current and modernized world, homosexuality is really common. This act has been accepted widely especially in the Western world and many developed countries.

The Bible which is known as the manual of men however speaks contrary to these practices.

The Bible clearly talks about how God in his own wisdom created man and woman. This act by God was an endorsement and an institution of marriage.

Adam and Eve were opposite in gender and God created them to bring diversity and for another reason, procreation.

Other verses in the Bible warn Man against sleeping with a counterpart male and a woman going to bed with another woman.

Homosexuality in the eyes of God according to the words of the Bible is a despicable sin and causes man to be ritually unclean in the eyes of the Lord.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, God’s wrath descended on the men of Sodom and Gomora for practicing homosexuality. This clearly shows how God despises the act.

However, modernization and cultural advancement have caused homosexuality to be seen as the norm. Many people nowadays boldly get married to people of the same sex even in Christian churches.

Homosexuality is not only religiously and morally wrong but scientifically wrong as well. This is because it is a leading factor in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

People who mostly engage in this activity tend to suffer lifelong consequences. The act of homosexuality is therefore frowned upon by God and so should men discourage it.