God is refered to as a Devine deity that yields greater powers of the earth.

What is religion?

Biblically and according to Christians, God is the creater of all things and he is the ruler of heaven and earth. Christians believe that their destiny is in the hands of God, therefore they pray to him and ask for his will in their lives.

God according to those who believe in him existed before time, that is, God is the beginning and the end hence the title “Alpha and omega”.

The God factor is what identifies many people and their various religions. Apart from atheist and free thinkers, most people have a certain god they pay homage to.

People belonging to the Islamic religion pay homage to Allah, people who belong to traditional worship pay homage to lesser gods through their dead ancestors, Buddhist also regard Buddha as their supreme god.

The god factor however, has been the reason for many religious wars back in the day and even this present day. The horrifying crusade war was fought between Christians and Muslims. Many people lost their lives all in the name of a “god” they worshipped.

Is the God factor important?

Human beings as we, are depend on certain things greater than our powers to rely on. We identify ourselves with things that makes us unique and differentiates us from others.

The question, whether the God factor is important? is crucial and therefore does not deserve a straight answer. People living without paying reverence to any Supreme Being have not suffered differently from those who do.

With the above said, everyone is entitled to what they deem right as an object of worship or what they don’t. No man is to be chastised for his faith or his beliefs.