Hon Kofoworola Babajide, a minority leader, Osun state House of assembly has reacted to a statement credited to Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye, the Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, in reaction to an interview I granted and was published by various media platforms on Tuesday January 12, 2022.

In statement personally signed by Babajide said that “As much as I do not want to engage the Speaker in a media exchange, however, I believe I should make some clarifications for member of the public to have a clear understanding of the issues at play.”

“For the records, I stand by every words in the said interview, and believed that Mr Kunle Alabi, who issued the statement on behalf of the Speaker was misled or his boss deliberately choose to play to the gallery.”

He further stated that “On the unfortunate incident that transpired at the budget signing ceremony, it is incorrect that Principal Officers departed to their various destination after the ceremony. There was indeed a meeting and as I waited to join other Principal Officers, I was bluntly turned away by the Majority Leader who claimed he was acting on the instruction of the Speaker that only those from the APC will be allowed access.”

“If the Speaker is saying it takes almost eternity to get a bill moved in a parliament, perhaps he can tell the public if the same process he mentioned applies to motion, because the legislation to call attention to the deplorable condition of roads in my constituency was indeed a motion and not a bill as being projected. Maybe a check on the Speaker’s phone for my several messages will suffice.”

Notwithstanding, the unfair treatment me and my colleagues have received from the Speaker, we still hold him in high esteem, and I am surprised at how my interest in a fair and just House that collectively work for the purpose of the people and the State as a whole is now a reason to throw an unnecessary jibe at me. That I am a first-timer isn’t enough reason for the Speaker to turn the House into a partisan ground, or refuse to grant an opportunity for me and my colleagues to project the interests of constituents. As I have always say, we’re in the House because they elected us and no amount of cheap blackmail will deter us from speaking out.

While it is true that the Office of the Governor is a public space and should be accessible for every citizens, however, as lawmakers who respect structural order, believe routing an audience with the Governor through the Speaker as the right thing. But to hear the Speaker hold the kind of view he did basically because we choose the right approach is so unfortunate.

“Since the Speaker is in the mood for organising training, it will be better if he extend such training to himself especially on purging himself of favourism tendency and embrace lawmakers irrespective of their party so as to work together for the good of Osun and its people.” he added