Kiekie, a fashion stylist and content producer, surprised a buddy who had failed the Nigerian bar exams and was not called to the bar today.

Harmonie, who documented the moment Kiekie arrived at his home with gifts on social media, was moved by the internet celebrity’s generosity.

Kiekie surprised her friend with a slew of gifts, each bearing motivational messages to inspire him to get back on his feet and remind him that he isn’t a failure.

“Born to win, Hang in there, you’re not a failure…”, are some of the inscriptions on the gifts Kiekie surprised Harmonie with.

Narrating how the surprise lightened his mood and gave him strength Harmonie wrote,

I woke up so sad because today would have been my call to bar, I woke up crying but then prior today, Kiekie called me 4 days ago that she wants to make a dress and was coming to mu house for measurements. She called that she was downstairs and I went to get her! we started the measurement then boom !!!!’.