Popular Ghanaian spiritualist, Nana Kwaku Bonsam; has exposed all the fake mallams and fetish priests/priestess in the country.

Who have taken over the media space with their 419 activities which the greedy and gullible ones amongst us fall for their petty scams.

The celebrated and renowned spiritualist has emphatically stated that there’s nothing like money-doubling.

Therefore any supposed spiritual man/woman who promises his/her clients to deliver such services to them is fake and also a shameless criminal

According to Nana Kwaku Bonsam, any spiritualists who advertise on the television and other social media platforms and calling on people to bring their money for it to be doubled as liars and fraudsters.

Whiles speaking to Evans Mensah on Joy News’ Ghana Connect with strong ties to the Kasoa Ritual Killing saga, Kwaku Bonsam said the so-called money doublers are using tricks to lure and steal from the unsuspecting desperate Ghanaian.

He said;

“I, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, say that there is no double money in this world, there is no double money in this world. The person who says he will double money for you go and look at their home, some are using bicycles, even corolla and motors.”

You can see me use SUV car, (it is because) before I became a traditional priest I was a gas seller. I have my own gas filling station. I also do something else. (There’s a time) I went to Sapema, in Accra, The plot there was ¢19 million old cedis, and then I bought more than 252 plots, that time.”

I sold my cocoa farm at Afrancho and Sehwi and bought that land. Now the plot is worth GH¢600 million. So if I sell 20 (plots), I get some money. Those people they don’t business, they are using their own mind to trick people, they are fraudsters, they need to put them in jail.”

Ending his submissions on the evil activities of these modern-day scammers who have paraded themselves as spiritual men and women, Nana Kwaku Bonsam entreated the government and the security agencies to mercilessly deal with them.

Because, gradually, they are urging the youths to throw away hardwork and polish shortcuts as the only means to acquire wealth.