It’s been five years since multi award-winning rapper, Kwesta released his 13-times platinum album, “DaKAR II”.

Now his fans can look forward to a much-anticipated fourth studio album.

The king of African rap is releasing “Fire In The Ghetto” on Friday, March 5 and it is describe as “the perfect blend of what a fire in the ghetto would be”.

On the title track, Kwesta worked with Troublle and Gobi Beast who have creatively made the song an easy sing-along with Troublle’s harmonic voice and the “bump your head” beat by Gobi.

The hip hop artist said: “The inspiration behind ’Fire In The Ghetto’ was frustration and also care, when you feel like the powers that be and the people who are in positions of leadership, have turned their backs on ikasi, especially now with the pandemic, it seems that the ikasi must take care of themselves without the perks of being under South African government.”