There is no single man in the world that does not want a lady who is vocal in bed.

Almost every man likes to hear their women make sounds of pleasure when having sex, the naughty talks, and other things all spice up the intimate moment.

However, certain things that a lady might say will turn the man off and destroy the loving moment.

Below are certain things that most men would not like to hear when they are having sex

1 Do you love as you say?

Men usually see sex just as a physical activity that pleases them. Women are however on the other side. Women usually connect their emotional feelings. A man will rather not want to hear you ask him questions about love during this time, maybe later.

2.What are we now

This question is mostly a turn-off. It is a very important question but asking it during the act of sex is very unsexy. Men find it not appealing at all.

3.Why are you touching me

This question can become annoying. The guy is touching you obviously because he wants to dig in.

4.Do you think I am too big

Many women feel insecure about their weight. The fact that you both are already having sex should tell you that he does not care about your weight or body type.

5.You did not give me the money I asked for

This question is a trap. Most women are aware that men make big promises during sex and so they would exploit this opportunity to get the money they want.

Keep these to yourself during sex and just enjoy the moment.