South Africa’s ‘it’ couple right now, Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa are still on a high following the announcement of their engagement in late October 2020. Whilst many would enjoy the blissful moments of being newly engaged, these lovebirds were not willing to wait to make things official, and quickly moved on to the formalities. 
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In an Instagram post on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, Letoya shared images of herself taken from the traditional lobola event that took place last week, and gave fans more insight into her relationship with Lebo. She explained that in just one week, they had moved on from being engaged to being traditionally bound together for life. She stated, “Here’s a fun fact! I was literally only her fiancé for a week before her family came to pay their respects to my family.”
Lebo also chose to dedicate an adorable post to her beloved Letoya on Tuesday, sharing a series of pictures where they looked completely loved up. She stated, “Please date loving, intelligent, humble, sweet, respectful and thoughtful people you’ll see that mjolo is not painful “. 
The traditional ceremonies commenced last week, with things being done slightly different than normal. Letoya being a sangoma, the lobola proceedings were done a bit differently. The businesswoman confirmed to Sunday World that she had asked Letoya and her ancestors permission to wed.

The publication reveals that Lebo and family made their way to Letoya’s home in Tladi, Soweto to pay lobola. Lebo explained the process in depth. “When you lobola a woman you’re paying respect to her parents and family and thanking them for your future wife. Ukulobola idlozi is paying respect to the ancestors for the gift of the person that is in your life.

Letoya is grateful that she has to spend the rest of her life with a woman she loves. “We’ve come very far and I am grateful that I live in a time where I can celebrate my love for my partner in this way. As I settle down with my lifetime partner, I will always remember those who fought so hard for me to be able to be where I am today.
“As long as you live a God-centred life and always treat others how you would want to be treated, the universe will always bless you because that’s what you put out.” The lovebirds got engaged last month after a romantic hot air balloon ride. As soon as they landed there was a banner on the ground written “Will you marry me.” Lebo had proposed!

Picture credit: Instagram