Long lines and extra health checks outside the US military base in South Korea

An infected American soldier stationed in South Korea is being isolated in Camp Humphreys, a military base near the city of Pyeongtaek.

When CNN drove to the base today, there was a long line of cars waiting to enter, snaking up the hill and around the corner out of view. 

Military personnel will be prohibited from participating in “non-essential activities for entertainment,” which includes dining in restaurants, bars, clubs or movie theaters, said Garrison Commander Michael F. Tremblay earlier today.

Military personnel are also asked to “stay away from gatherings larger than 20 people.”

A member of the United States Forces Korea told CNN she drove to the base at 6 a.m., waited for three hours, then gave up and went home. 

Only two of the six gates are open, so extra checks can take place. These measures include car screenings, with passengers having their temperatures taken and asked health-related questions. 

Only mission-essential staff will be on base tomorrow. 

The CNN team wasn’t allowed into the base. When they went into the nearby side streets for lunch, many restaurants were closed or deserted. There was hardly anyone on the streets.

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