A Kenyan man has expressed dissatisfaction with his mother following his claim to have handed her a big amount of money to keep for him while he was working overseas.

Anthony Okamari, stated he was very disappointed and angered that his mother spent the money which he sent for her while toiling in a foreign nation.

According to the young man, he sent $6400 to her to save for him, only to return to find that there was just $46 left in the money.

In an interview with Tuco.co.ke, he also explained how, with the support of his older brother, who already resided in Qatar, he was able to acquire a solid position in the Middle-East country in 2018.

Anthony, who is still reeling from the shock as he works to get his life back on track, said he used to give his mother about 83 percent of his wages while in Doha, Qatar, with the order that she should open a savings account and keep the money for him until he returned.

He did this for approximately two years, claiming that when he returned home, he planned to use the money he had been giving to buy a house and marry a wife, and he was full of hope that his aspirations would soon come true.

When circumstances got tough, the company where he worked shut down, laying off all of their employees owing to a lack of funds, and Anthony’s attempt to find another job before his work visa expired was unsuccessful.

Despite the fact that he never received as much money as he would have liked, he had no choice but to return to his birthplace, believing that the money he had been sending to his mother to save would enable him to establish a new life in Kenya.

Source: Mcmnt.com