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Man Stabbed Five Times In The Head After Losing Bet And Refusing To Pay

In a sad development, a Gwanda man landed in the hospital after his friend viciously attacked him following a misunderstanding over a payment. It is alleged that Silent Mashakure was hit with a brick and stabbed 5 times on the head by the accused.

Fasen Mabika (26) of Spitzkop North Suburb, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate, Mr. Ndumiso Khumalo. Mabika is facing an attempted murder charge for viciously attacking his friend resulting in him being hospitalized.

Prosecutor Mr Noel Mandebvu told the court that, Mabika and others were gambling at Red Cross Business Centre in Gwanda and Mabika won a bet against Mashakure.  However, Mashakure refused to pay him which resulted in a physical altercation between the two. Mabika hit Mashakure with a brick and stabbed him 5 times.

“On 26 June Mabika and Mashakure were gambling with others near Red Cross Business Centre when Mabika won a bet. He collected his dues from his other peers while Mashakure refused to pay. Mabika demanded his money from Mashakure who refused to give him resulting in a misunderstanding,” he said.

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