Arising for Christ high priest pastor Solomon Male has revealed very shocking secrets of how homosexuality has taken over the house of the Lord in the recent times.

Male, a vocal defender of religious sanity especially in the born again churches made the stunning revelation during a TV discussion with one of the local stations.

Responding to the surprise revelation of gospel singer Julie Mutesasira wedding in a sec sex marriage early this week, Male said that homosexuality in the church is far bigger a problem that what meets the eye.

He alleges that almost all single, separated and widowed women in churches have resorted to lesbianism after waiting for men to marry them to no avail.

Male further argues that the situation has been worsened by the unscrupulous priests who dupe desperate women that their plight is caused by spirits.

He says that in disappointment, the sex starved mothers resort to bonking fellow women as a way of finding a permanent solution to their unfortunate situation.

Male however advises that pointing fingers at the publicly perceived offenders won’t solve untill men volunteer to marry off all these troubled souls of the Lord.