Actress, Moyo Lawal has taken to the internet to address hypocrites who criticize others for sin but also commit secretly.

The actress who’s heavy endowed indicated that some women will judge their fellow who sleeps with people’s husbands but they also do the same sin secretly.

The actress prayed in her statement that she will never have to cheat to sustain her marriage.

She wrote, “See eeh … so far you didn’t marry your husband as a virgin … …. (Sugarcoat it anyhow you want sex before marriage is a sin!! ✌️if you lik let him be the one who disvirgined you )… You are a sinner !!🙄😂😂and you have no right to be calling anyone names !!

I don’t know why , people who live in glass houses are always the first set of people to throw stones … Stop judging people who sin different from you … stop calling people names because you own is hidden …

Just stop being a hypocrite… all this married women doing things and still having guts to judge people 😳🙄 ….. …. I don’t even understand, shey they told you that if you bring down other women …. Your sins will be washed away ni ? It is a lie oooh😂😂😂 ….

But what is my own …. Na you people Sabi , continue suffering and smiling ✌️….. may I NEVER have a marriage that I have to sustain by cheating 🙏