Congratulations are in order for rapper Nadia Nakai who’s just announced a major partnership with a big brand.

Nadia joins the Hunters family as they announced their new beverage. For reveal, The rapper brought out her best outfits and painted the town red.

‼️ANNOUNCEMENT‼️ IM SUPER excited to announce my brand partnership with @Hunterscider new variant Hunters Red Apple, guys it’s tastes soooo yummmy NO CAP! 😋🍎 and because I love my people WINNING too! Watch out for my next post!!!! We got a HUGE COMPETITION! MASSIVE‼️‼️

She recently signed to Def Jam Africa, she’s Reebok’s brand ambassador and has her own clothing range with Red Bat which is sold in Sportscene stores nationwide. A month ago, she announced her own Documentary on South African streaming service, Showmax.

She moved into her new big home this year which is situated in the North of Johannesburg. The crib has a very big yard and has its own tennis court. And In the wake of the gender based-violence pandemic in SA, the rapper went off on South African men, expressing her disappointment at their behaviour.

“Hai, South African me are sooooooo hectic! My girl was telling me about her ex attacking her and pulling out her braids at a club, even tho they had broken up and he was even there with his current girlfriend!Liiiike Psycho perhaps. She continued. “More often than not they serious mental Abusers as well! Telling you all kinds of shit! Then you wonder why you couldn’t walk away years ago! Honestly I wish they’d all just drop dead.”

She further added that such men make it difficult for women to get out of these abusive relationships.

“Sometimes is hard when they still contact your family and friends like they didn’t do shit wrong! So like after f*cking you up! He still gonna contact your confidants and make you feel even less of a human! When all you want is for them to leave you the F alone! Yoh! Women are going thru a lot in SA!!!!! Like how are you even supposed to Recognise a good man when you’ve just been served shit?”.