Renowned Ghanaian fashion icon, actress and entrepreneur, Nana Akua Addo; Has finally confirmed the rumours that went rife on the internet that her moneyed businessman had cheated on her with one of the notable slayqueen who resides in Accra.

From the horse’s own mouth, her husband whom she has been married to for the past 13 years cheated on her.

Speaking about the infidelity and broke of trust on the part of the husband, she disclosed that she was brutally hurt at first but for now it lives rent-free in her head because it is all in the past.

Nana Akua Addo confessed that she was truly hurt and explained how she really felt during an interview with Pulsegh.

The infidelity that happened in my marriage was just like any other person. I was broken, hurt but we pick ourselves together and sought the right counselling. It was very difficult for us as individuals because, obviously, it will change you as a person, it will change the dynamics and the family.”

“When you have kids in your marriage, you are always careful about statements you make about the father of your children. And like I said, I have healed so there’s no need digging into the infidelity issue.

She also added that it was nothing that serious so she has allowed bygones to be bygones.

“It was just infidelity and I’ve moved on, and we are in a better space now. He cheated. There are children involved and I don’t feel it’s in the rightful place for me to talk about it because it’s the man’s fault. And we as people have evolved so we have moved on as a family  We are mentally okay now.”

These things are part of my profession. Sometimes, you can’t fight it. My life coach prepared me to be mentally and physically fit for these things.”