Nomzamo Mbatha

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha recently appeared in an popular American talk show, The Real.

The talented actress spoke to the hosts about her new role on Coming to America, her work with the united nations as well as her foundation.

Taking to Instagram the talented media personality thanked the show for having her.

“Thank you to The Real for the platform to speak about my work with United Nations and the Nomzamo Lighthouse foundation during our press run for #Coming2America,” she said.

Speaking to the hosts, Nomzamo said: “My passion to give back, started when I was still a young girl, who is very socially aware and involved in my community, I did not come from a background that afforded me the greatest education and resources.”

“Growing up knowing that, made me the person that I am and it is important for me to continue to advocate for women in refugee camps.

“This is specially because it is in the darkest corners of the world and these are people with hope and a lot of abilities, but displaced and had to overcome so much but still continue to rebuild so how can you not advocate for such.”

In a previous interview with Daily Sun, Nomzamo said it has always been a dream to go to Hollywood.

“It has always been a part of the plan to go pursue a career overseas, but I first had to establish my name and my career in South Africa before could do that.”

“which is why was put in a lot of effort in my work and learn as much as possible to become a strong performer and from my lips to God’s ears I hope to star in more international films,” she said

-Daily Sun

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