The fire incident that occurred at Orisumbare Market, Osogbo, on Saturday, did not affect the head office of Nigeria Postal Services, Osun Command of the Federal Fire Service has said.

Rather, a shopping complex located near the NIPOST head office was affected by the inferno.

Basiri Adija, the spokesperson for the Federal Fire Service in Osun state, late Saturday, said the fire started from NIPOST, saying the inferno had spread to nearby stalls inside the Orisumbare market in Osogbo.

But when contacted on Sunday, Basiri clarified that the building of the postal services was not affected, adding that the information given to journalists on Saturday was based on the initial report that she got.

She said, “It was not NIPOST, it was a complex beside NIPOST. The first information I got was that NIPOST was affected but it was a complex beside it.”