Pastor Tunde Bakare, the overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, has spoken out against some of the things he claims are happening under the current administration.

In a recent sermon, Bakare, who was Buhari’s previous running partner, challenged the president to pursue him as he has “done to other dissenting voices in the country.”

Outlining how biblical prophets rose against bad governments, the cleric stated that he is no longer interested in meeting or having a dialogue with anyone because “this is war”. 

He added that the same mouth he used to anoint the current Nigerian President has now become “a stinky mouth,” recalling how he informed Buhari that he would become president before 2014 and told him exactly how it would happen.

akare said; 

“Sovereignty is not in your hand anymore, you are commander-in-chief of nothing, except the people put you there. The highest office in the land is the office of the citizen. Nigerians are going to rise and demand for their rights. 

“And I dare you to try to stretch your hand against me like you have done to others, then you will know whether God sent me or I’m just empty and just making noise.

“Nigeria for Nigeria; the time to save this country has come; the government can’t save us, the military can’t safe us, Nigerians must rise and demand for what is rightly theirs.

“Get out of my way, get out of my way, this is the final warning. I loved you, I served you, I respected you, I did everything to make it work for you but you turned against me and God has turned against you, get out of my way

Bakare also stated that the Nigerians for Nigeria movement is already in full swing and that he knows exactly what would happen in the coming days. He offered to lead the Nigerians for Nigeria movement, which he said would “put an end” to the country’s problems.