On social media, Pere’s amorous display on Maria has gotten people’s tongues buzzing as they imagine the start of a romantic story between the two in Biggie’s house.

Pere stretched his arm around Maria’s neck and gave her a passionate peck in a short video clip. Maria was discussing a bit of her family tale with other housemates when Pere stretched his arm around her neck and gave her a romantic peck.

This, however, has sparked social media comments, as many begin to suspect that something unusual is going to happen in the house.

Check out the video below to know more…

See reactions below:

ziadvirginboy wrote; Naso e dey start… Strategic moves….

avasfashionworld1 wrote; Haha I’m shipping already, Perema or maripe?

chikashouse1 wrote; He is tired of forming hard guy The dude no wan loose the girl ..He likes the girl..

kaylaaccessories wrote; Holy Ghost fire Maria don finish dem for dis house oo girls will so nominate her like crazy

celi_a2069 wrote; Hmmmm now I see why Pere dislikes white money

Source: Mcmnt.com