• Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale reportedly vanished on Saturday, October 17, after police teargassed an event he held to honour his dead cow.

    The politician had organised a bullfighting contest in Malinya to celebrate his dead bull named ‘Malinya Pogba’ and attracted a sizeable crowd.

    He revealed, at the event, that the bull died under mysterious circumstances.

    The former Senator buried the bull and proceeded to Malinya grounds at around 2 p.m. for the ceremony tagging along his (Khalwale’s) son’s bull called ‘Sanchez’.

    Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale’s bull, Malinya Pogba, that died over mysterious illness.

    Confirming the incident, a member of the Kakamega Bullfighting Association, Bonventure Munanga noted that the gathering was a peaceful one and he failed to understand why the police showed up.

    He further explained that people had gathered to give ‘Pogba’ a final sendoff when teargas abruptly dominated the air.

    Munanga further noted that Khalwale had gone above and beyond to offer a good burial ceremony to the beloved bull within the bullfighting circles.

    “Khalwale has done the unthinkable by burying his champion bull like an elder. We don’t understand why police came to disperse a peaceful gathering,” Munanga told the Daily Nation.

    Speaking to the press, Kakamega South Police Commander Joseph Chesire was, however, of a different view.

    He explained that the gathering was illegal and flouted Covid-19 rules as constituted by the Ministry of Health.

    He also noted that police officers were looking for the former senator to record a statement regarding the incident.

    “We cannot allow villages to violate rules meant to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Police will enforce the guidelines set by the government. It is for good of everyone,” stated Chesire.

    The police commander also revealed that charges were likely to be preferred against the former senator.

    Former Kakamega Senator addresses a past roadside rally
    Former Kakamega Senator addresses a past roadside rally